How can we see boys as something other than as problems?  How can we effectively help boys resolve the difficulties they face?  BAM! challenges the adults who work with boys to see boys in new ways and mentors young men to be more interpersonally engaged.

We believe in the ability of boys to be healthy, happy individuals who are positive contributors to community and family life.  We recognize and support what is natural about boys’ behavior and realize the necessity of helping boys to connect more with themselves and others.

Through our strengths-based boys groups, workshops for adults, and boys group guidebook we are guiding the current generation of boys toward becoming a future generation of relationally skilled men.

“As a mom of two boys and a person who has worked with boys for the past 15 years, I so appreciate the innovative approach of BAM!.  When you read BAM! you'll immediately see a wide range of activities boys will want to do, and the exercises do a great job of creating the environment where boys can and will openly discuss topics that usually are off limits to boys in our culture.

--Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes

"On the playground, if you can't climb something or jump three bars on the monkey bars, they think you're a wimp. If you can't be as good or better than the others, some boys will lie and say they are. It's not like that in here."

-Fifth-grade BAM! group participant

BAM! News

Archive News:

  1. BulletBAM! was honored to be named in the 2011 Routledge Press Child and Adolescent Mental Health list of top 10 books.

  1. BulletWe now have group leaders available to come to your site in the Portland, OR area to facilitate BAM! groups.  Download more information here.

  1. Bullet Listen to BAM! co-author Peter Mortola  discuss the lives of boys on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s show “Think Out Loud.”

  1. Bullet Portland State University evaluation results indicate that BAM! has a significant impact on changing boys’ notions of masculine stereotypes.

  1. Bullet Read about BAM! in the Lewis and Clark College alumni magazine, The Chronicle.

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